I love this fitness tracker. Not only is it comfortable to wear it looks good too. At first I thought it was over-counting my steps but when I manually counted a few times it was right on which means my previous tracker was undercounting! Yea for me! The interface is easy to use and the band vibration is great for incoming message and to remind me to get up and move. Love the USB charging!

- Glenda Clemens

I have looked high and low for a pedometer that was accurate, wouldn't get lost, told me the time and didn't need constant changing of batteries and this one does it all. My first one got washed and went into a temporary coma so I bought another one (I actually bought two by mistake) and gave one away. Then I started a challenge with my friends and bought a 4th one. Right about that time my first one came out of its coma and is working great. We all have iPhones and the bracelet syncs very well with the app (need Bluetooth on). I highly doubt I'll ever buy another pedometer, ever.

- Sharon Shepherd

I am very pleased with this purchased because this Pedometer + Calorie Fitness Tracker works great and not only is it comfortable to wear but it looks good too. The band synced with my iPhone 6 without any issues and I am now able to track my daily calorie burn, steps taken and distance covered. I have been surprised to learn just how much activity I get in a day. It's user friendly and easy to use. Overall, I absolutely love my joyband and would recommend it to my family and friends.

- Gclaude


Product would be a great buy at twice the price...i've had 3 fitbits and this product is by far more useful for a lot less...i would certainly recommend this item for anyone looking for a step counter with options...along with a very informative support team as well.

- Steve C.

I bought one for my wife and ended up getting one for myself too. This device finally convinced me to track my motion, and it works. It's small and comfortable and remarkably accurate. Works great with iOS and the app is helpful for seeing stats as well as setting up the device.

- Read Write

I previously had a Fitbit, which I loved but lost. I decided to give the JoyBand a try. I love the app used to sync steps. It's user friendly and easy to use. The band itself is comfortable and the device easy to use/charge. I was even able to use the device without the band (my favorite thing about FitBit) because I cannot wear anything on my wrists at work. It still worked great. The tracking seems to be really accurate (meaning on days I didn't do much, I didn't get a lot of "extra" activity from shaking my arm around).

T. Villegas


The life in charge pedometer is perfect for those starting out on a bracelet type of monitor. I love that this is the first one I have found in pink. Pink is my favorite color and I have only seen other brands bands in blue or black. I like to be able to wear something more suited for me. Since I have never owned a counter like this one before I wasn't sure how it worked right off the bat. The instructions were clear and made it easy to use, set up and charge. There is no actual setting up on the device itself but you have to install the app to get the unit setup. When you cycle through there is the steps, calories and a calendar. The instructions say that when you sync it with your phone it will vibrate when you get a call or text, I have not been able to do that yet. My phone will not update and has been flashed some many times I just can't get an update so I installed the app on my tablet. Which has been nice since I don't always have my tablet with me so I am not constantly checking my phone to see the progress. There is a night option that if you wear it at night it will tell you how you slept. I have not worn my at night yet to utilize that. The counter starts over at 12am and a new day begins. The device charges easily in a USB port on a pc or tablet which ever one you may be using. The "button" so to speak is simply touching the front part of the unit. There are no buttons or anything that protrude from the actual device. I love how simple this was for being my first "band" type device. It is dust proof and splash proof. I have worn it to work and washed my hands with no issues. I do take it off before I shower or go swimming. I am very pleased with this product, this is a great device for anyone and a great price.

- Traci K.

The JoyBand is one of my favorite little gadgets. I ultimately want a Fitbit, but currently don't have the money for the one I want and was offered this one with a promo. I don't want to just buy the low end fitbit because I know it's just going to make me want the one with more options. The Joyband is a nifty little tracker and a good stand in if you can't afford the more pricey trackers. You charge it by taking the actual tracker out of the band and plugging it into any USB port. It charges quickly and tracks pretty accurately. The app works for both iPhone and Android and shows you your breakdown of steps and your sleep pattern. The tracker itself is a touch screen, and you can tap it three times in a row to turn on WORKOUT mode with a stopwatch and secondary tracker. I love that it breaks down my steps so I can see when I was most active. It also tells the calories you've burned doing those steps. I don't find that it counts too many "non-steps" like other trackers do. It didn't track me while I was doing dishes or washing my hair like my previous tracker did. If I set my sleep mode to the correct times, it doesn't track steps while I sleep either, just my sleep. You do have to sync it to your device first or it won't track. I sync it every morning before I start doing anything just to be sure. The alarm function is very handy. I have it set up to wake me up, and for times in the day when I should get another drink of water. It vibrates the band enough for me to feel it, but not enough to bother the sleeping MR beside me. The handy app also tells you the total amount that you have burned/walked since you had the Joyband. I've walked 12.13 miles so far at 25,716 steps. I'm happy with that because, since I hurt my knee, I haven't been as mobile as I'd like to be and I'm happy to see just how much I can do each day so I can gradually strive for more."

- Vee Populi

A great little tracker. Knowing the distances in my neighborhood, and comparing them to the tracker, it is highly accurate. I love the fact that to charge it you plug it directly into your computer. No wires to lose! It is also comfortable to wear and the display is easy to read. The sleep tracking function, where you can track how well you slept (or not), requires no pre-setting every night, like some trackers. The app for your smart phone is no frills, but that has not been a problem for me. The one thing I wasn't super crazy about, but have solved, is that a feature of the smart phone app is to have the tracker buzz every time it gets away from your cell phone. For those of you who want to keep track of the phone, this might be really neat. I wasn't crazy about it, but have learned that if I turn off the app when I am away from my phone, it no longer buzzes. Great value for your dollar!

- Veritas88


Living in a healthy part of the world constantly reminds me that I should watch my diet and exercise. Thanks to Flibbits and Fruity Watches I no longer have to miss a single reminder as every few minutes someone with a dirt-eating grin on their face asks me how many steps I’ve taken today. How the hell should I know? They helpfully suggest that for around $2-300 I could have this information only an arm's length away.

I knew when I bought the Joy Band I thought I would be getting something at least as good because the other products are stupidly overpriced. I had no idea just how incredible this experience was going to be! Sure I was surprised at how addictive and rewarding fitness could be. Of course I’m shocked at how little I used to move with a desk job and nothing but excuses. That’s just the half of it.

“I see you finally got a Flibbit” says some supercilious sap, with a strange mix of self-satisfaction and simultaneous disappointment over the loss of imagined superiority. I have to fight back laugher as I tell them I opted for something totally different. “What does yours do again?” I ask innocently. I pretend to be blown away when I learn that we have a nearly identical feature-set. By the time they make it to sleep cycle my cheeks are hurting. That’s when I ask them how much they paid. “Oh, you mean you got a four-pack?” I ask, “Which other colors did you get?” That one is guaranteed to shut them up. Now I know why it’s called a Joy Band! They paid that much and can’t even swap out the bracelet!

Not only do I now have the speed and agility of a gazelle, I know at least one of my bands will go with my custom made, athletic tailored Hawaiian ensemble. I can wear it at the pool-side bar while drinking that extra Mai Tai. I earned it, I’m in wicked shape now. Best purchase ever no joke.

- Ryan

This pedometer is both practical and versatile. It's practical because you can track your steps throughout the day, calories burned, sleep patterns by setting a daily sleep alarm, and date and time. Simply remove what I would classify as the face of the watch to expose the USB and you can charge it quickly on your laptop . (You could also charge the pedometer via any USB charger adapter, but this pedometer does not come with any adapters to do so.) Once charged, the pedometer will function for about one week before another charge is needed and battery level is indicated along with date and time. To get started, download the app on your smart phone and the time, date and other features will automatically be synced. Via the app, you can set your goals and customize some features like when and if the pedometer vibrates in conjunction with your progress. The band is great because it is an adjustable, durable, and comfortable. This pedometer is somewhat water resistant so you don't have to worry about washing your hands while wearing, but you would never want to submerge it in water or wear it in the shower. The water resistance is great because I am not constantly taking off my pedometer. (I have a tendency to be very absent minded and don't keep watches for very long. :))

- Tfrog77

I picked this up mainly to motivate me to start walking with my puppy. I make sure I walk at least a mile which this product keeps me on track. Having a back injury, it is too easy to quit early but with this tracker I now know when I have reached my goal. Not only do I now get the exercise I need but my puppy also gets the exercise she needs. I find this easy to wear on my wrist and isn't cumbersome. Setting it up is a bit tricky but I finally figured it out.

- Christina Derwey


Works very well - easy to use and durable!

- Jellybean

Absolutely love it.

- Gwendolyn D. Patterson

I have tried several watches/step counters over the years with issues. This watch solved all those problems. It syncs with my iPhone 5s easily and tracks my exercise for me. I love that I can check the time and see my steps from the watch as well.

- Margaret